Virtually Frosty Looper - 8 hour challenge


We're taking this thing "live virtual". We will be hosting a Race Center and Pit on Zoom (not mandatory to join) during the race for runners or crew to hang out, we'll be available for any questions there, and runners will have the typical 8-hour window to run their 3.75-mile loops and upload their Strava activities. Read below for a FAQ. 


Runners will have 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM to run as many 3.75 mile loops as they can. 

Winning male/female will be sent a trophy for their efforts. 

When:  Saturday, December 19, 2020


Location: Anywhere your legs take you


Race Start: 7:30 AM EST

Race End: 3:30 PM EST



There is no race swag that comes with registration.

You can purchase Frosty Looper and Endless Endurance shirts and hoodies at the Apparel link above, and we have Frosty Looper mugs in the Store.


Race Process:


Runners will have the hours of 7:30 AM through 3:30 PM to run as many laps of 3.75 as you can. You MUST end the activity on your watch at 3.75 mile and upload to Strava/Garmin for it to count. You will NOT get credit for any mileage over 3.75 miles in an activity, no exceptions. 

Upload Results:

Log in to RunAllRaces and then click submit entries on this race

Runners, or your crew, can upload Strava links Garmin links, or photos of your watch face for verification to our timing system Run All Races. 



  • Are we submitting “Elapsed Time” or “Moving Time?”

If you upload data from an app rather than actual watch face, be sure to include “Elapsed Time” and not just “Moving Time”

  • What do we have to submit for every lap?

1) Total lap time

2) Link/URL to your results

Both of these items are mandatory per lap.

  • Do I have to have Strava?

No, but it makes your race day easier. 

  • If I have Strava connected to RunAllRaces, do I need to submit a link?

Yes. Everyone must submit a lap time and link every lap. Connecting your Strava allows us to auto-verify your lap. It doesn't input laps for you on RunAllRaces. 

  • What if I don't have Strava?

As mentioned above, you have to submit a lap time and a link for every lap. That link can be to your Garmin Connect activity, or a photo of your watch that you load onto Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • What if I still don't know how to do this?

Submit your lap time and a link to literally anywhere on the internet (, a cute puppy video, etc.). 


Then take a photo of your watch with the 3.75 miles and time visible, and email it to us at so we can verify your lap. That email must include, in the subject line, your Full Name and Lap Number. 

  • Do I really have to stop my watch/activity every 3.75 miles to upload it?

Yes. This is the only way you'll be on the leaderboard and listed in results.

  • Can I wait until the end to submit all my laps?

Please make every effort to submit mileage as soon as possible. No submissions will be accepted via any method after 3:30 PM EST. 

  • Are you really verifying our mileage?

We will verify all laps for the top finishers. 

  • Do I need to run the entire 8 hours to be considered a finisher? Can I start later than 7:30 AM EST?

You run as many laps as you want, at your own pace. Stop at any time. Start back up, or don't. If you want to start later than 7:30 AM, just know you are still only allowed to run until 3:30 PM EST. 

  • Can I be paced? Run this with a friend?

First of all, social distancing, so be mindful of gathering with anyone. If you want someone to run with you, just have them register! Turn this into a race at your place. 


  • Do I have to keep my ZOOM logged in and on my computer on the entire time?

No, this is entirely optional, and you can certainly log on and off or just leave it running in your “pit” if set up near a plug. However each pit stop, you need to upload your lap time and link.

  • What if is not working?

Please email your times and links to  You are still responsible for getting those lap times entered into as soon as possible. Check back on your next lap and see if the site is working again. RDs are NOT responsible for entering your times, you are.