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Loopy Looper 12/24 hour and 101.25 miler


Registration Opens Sunday 12/17/23 at 12:00am

When:  Saturday, August 3, 2024 


Location: Cooper River Park - Jack Curtis Stadium: 5300 North Park Drive, Pennsauken, NJ 08109

Race Start: 7:00am (12hr, 24hr, 101.25 mile), 10:00pm Glow-Up Loop


Race End: 7:00pm (12hr) 7:00am (24hr) and 101.25 mile runners have a 30 hour cutoff at 1:00pm Sunday. 




All 12-hour solo & team runners will receive a finisher's award and event shirt. Earn a skeleton runner charm to attach to your medal for 10 (bronze) -15 (silver) -20 (gold) loops completed. There will be awards for the top Male/Female/Team of the event.

24-hour solo runners will receive similar swag plus an additional item TBD (hoodie/jacket/bag), unique to the 24-hour race, and anyone that runs 100 miles gets a buckle. 

24-hour team runners receive a finishers award with the skeleton charm based on the team's total mileage. The teams do not get the extra swag item that 24-hour solo runners get. 

100 mile runners receive a buckle for finishing and additional race swag.

Glow-Up Loop runners receive a glow-in-the-dark medal and glow necklaces. There's no shirt for this race. 

***We can only guarantee shirt and shirt sizes for people registered by 7/1/24.***

Glow-Up Loop:

Join us for a night time party loop of the park to hype up all the 24 hour and 101.25 mile runners. The race is chip-timed, but there are no awards for the first across the finish line. This is a party lap. 

Double Looper Challenge:


If you take on both Loopy Looper and Frosty Looper in a calendar year you'll be taking home a special edition hybrid medal. 

Awards for top 3 females and males for the 12-hour, 24-hour, and 100 mile races.


The race will be held on a 3.75 mile loop on a paved path around Cooper River Park. The course is mostly flat and you will run as many loops of it as you can/want in 12 hours. This is one of the fastest looped courses in the country and a great chance to put in some serious mileage.

The 100 mile course is 27 laps or 101.25 miles. To be a finisher you must finish a full 27 laps of the course.

Registration Fees: 

Individuals - 12 Hour

$95 until 12/31/23

$110 until 5/31/24

$130 until 7/31/24

Teams (4-Person Relay) - 12 Hour 

$280 until 12/31/23

$320 until 5/31/24

$360 until 7/31/24

Individuals - 24 Hour

$200 until 12/31/23

$225 until 5/31/24

$275 until 7/31/24

Teams (4-Person Relay) - 24 Hour

$360 until 12/31/23

$420 until 5/31/24

$500 until 7/31/24

100 Miler

$225 until 12/31/23

$250 until 5/31/24

$300 until 7/31/24

Glow-Up Loop

$30 until 12/31/24

$35 until 5/31/24

$40 until 7/31/24


We do not offer refunds or transfers. Deferrals will be allowed until 6/30/24. No Exceptions

If for any reason we have to cancel the event everyone will be deferred to the following year at no cost.

Time Limit, Cut-off, and Race Process:


12-hour runners will have the hours of 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM to run as many laps of the 3.75 mile loop around Cooper River Park as you want. No new laps will be allowed to start after 6:30 PM, and partial laps will not be counted. Runners must complete their final loop by 6:59 PM for it to be counted. No laps finished after 6:59 PM will be counted. This requires some strategizing by runners to optimize your day.

24-hour runners will have 7:00 AM - 7:00 AM to run as many laps as they want. No new laps will be allowed to start after 6:30 AM, and runners must complete their final loop by 6:59 AM for it to be counted. 

101.25 mile runners have a hard 30 hour cut off. You must complete 21 laps (78.77 mile) by 7:00 AM to be allowed to continue. To be a finisher you need to complete 27 loops of the course.


Relay Option:


Teams of 4 will run the loop in a relay-style, with a maximum of 1 runner on the course at any time. Teams can still take breaks like individual runners and the finisher rules below also apply to relay teams. 

Last Lap Exception: Teams are allowed to run their last lap all together to celebrate surviving the day, but this is the ONLY lap you can do, and it has to be the last lap of the day. This isn't mandatory, just an option for those teams that like to party with their friends

Pit Area and Aid Station:


At the Start/Finish area at the stadium, there will be a drop/pit area for you to stash your stuff for the day and take as many breaks as long as you want during the event. No tents larger than 10x10 and no alcohol is allowed on site. The venue was recently remodeled. NO TENT STAKES ARE ALLOWED. 


There will be one food aid station and one hydration station at the start/finish, and another hydration station around the midpoint of the loop. Food like sandwiches will be made to order, and yes this will slow you down. Plan for that. 

This race is a cupless race.  This means we do not plan to have a ton of plastic cups for you waiting at the aid stations. Please plan to bring a bladder/pack, water bottle, or reusable cup to use for the day.


Overnight Rules - 24 hour & 101.25 mile runners 

The aid station at the midpoint will close at 7:00 PM and remain closed for the remainder of the race. 

All runners MUST bring and wear a headlamp and a safety light in some form. This can be a light up vest, a small LED clip on, or a glowstick. Please no blinking or strobe lights.

If you are taking a break (more than 15min) overnight, you must let the race center know.

Any runner not wearing the required gear will not be allowed to start a new lap. Bring extra batteries!



This is August and it will likely be hot. Having a personal water supply on the course is mandatory, and plan to drink and eat more than you usually do. 

Course Records:

12 Hour

Male: Michael Gagliardi - 75 Miles (2020)

Female: Lara Miller - 67.50 Miles (2019/2020)

12 Hour Team

Team Crazy Randos - 100 Miles (2023)

24 Hour

Male: Paul Johnson - 116.25 Miles (2023)

Female: Erica Bash - 105 Miles (2023)

24 Hour Team

Ladies Who Loop - 127.5 Miles (2023)

101.25 Miler

Male: Jamie Sharkey - 18:33:21 (2023)

Female: Maggie Poniatowski - 22:41:32 (2023)

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