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Volunteers are the bones of the skeleton that is Endless Endurance. Our Skeleton Crew Volunteer Program rewards those who contribute their time and energy to not make our events a success, help runners accomplish their goals. As a member of The Skeleton Crew, you can earn bones (points) that can be redeemed for discounted and free races, exclusive merch, and some other cool perks. Keep an eye on this page because this program is new and ever evolving.



how to earn and use bones


Earning Bones

Daytime Hours (5 am - 7 pm):

15 Bones per hour volunteered

Nighttime Hours (7 pm - 5 am):

20 Bones per hour volunteered

Refer a new volunteer:  25 Bones

Returning Volunteer: 25 Bones

Points are fully transferable if you want to give your points to a friend.


Race Vouchers for Points

8 Hour Race:

15% discount: 30 bones

25% discount: 60 bones 

50% discount: 100 bones 

Full Race Voucher: 150 boes

12 Hour Races:

15% discount: 45 bones 

25% discount: 90 bones

50% discount: 140 bones

Full Race Voucher: 200 bones

24 Hour Races & 100 Miler:

15% discount: 60 bones

25% discount: 120 bones 

50% discount: 200 bones 

Full Race Voucher: 360 bones 


Swag for Bones

Not a runner but love to support runners? We've got perks for you too. 

We're putting the finishing touches on a system of various Skeleton Crew items like t-shirts, hoodies, bags, bottles, and much more that you can earn from donating your time.


Other Perks

All Skeleton Crew members get a t-shirt the first time they volunteer and will get access to extra giveaways at the end of volunteer shifts.


Using Bones

Keep track of your bone count (we will be tracking too) and reach out to to redeem your bones or even to check in on how close you are to a certain reward.


Rules & Disclaimers

You must register on UltraSignup to volunteer to guarantee your bones accrue. We can't keep track of "pop-in" hours accurately. Terms of points accrual and redemption are subject to change as the program evolves.

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