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Hot Mess trail races
half marathon & 6 hour

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This is the South Jersey race collaboration you've all been waiting for. We are teaming up with Second Capital Running to bring you the Hot Mess Trail Races at Parvin State Park. Come out this summer to explore some trails at Parvin on a brand new course for a 6 hour race and for the first-ever trail half marathon to take place in South Jersey. 

When:  Saturday, July 8, 2023  

Location: 789 Parvin Mill Rd, Pittsgrove, NJ 08318

Race Start: 7:00am


Race End: 1:00pm




All runners will receive a medal and some custom swag.


The course starts and finishes at Danna Farm fields and is in a lollipop format. The route is 95% on trail with a small section of pavement. The trails are mostly flat and fast with some sandy and rooty sections. Overall this is a very beginner friendly

Half marathon runners will run out from the start/finish, then complete 2 full loops of the lollipop, before coming back to the finish line. Runners will have an aid station around miles 1.5h, 6.5ish, and 11.5ish

6 hour runners will run a single lap of a 5.5ish mile loop and come back to the pit every lap before starting another lap.

Registration Fees: 

Individuals - 6 Hour

$70 until 1/23/23

$80 until 6/7/23

$95 until 7/8/23

Individuals - Half Marathon

$60 until 1/23/23

$70 until 6/7/23

$85 until 7/8/23


2 Person Relay - 6 Hour 

$130 until 1/23/23

$140 until 6/7/23

$155 until 7/8/23

2 Person Relay - Half Marathon

$110 until 1/23/23

$120 until 6/7/23

$135 until 7/8/23


We do not offer deferrals, refunds, or transfers for this event. No Exceptions

If for any reason we have to cancel the event everyone will be deferred.

Time Limit and Race Process:


6 hour runners will have the hours of 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM to run as many laps of the course as you want. No new laps will be allowed to start after 12:30 PM, and partial laps will not be counted. Runners must complete their final loop by 12:59 PM for it to be counted. No laps finished after 6:59 PM will be counted. 

Relay Option:


Teams of 2 will run the loop in a relay-style, with a maximum of 1 runner on the course at any time. Teams can still take breaks like individual runners and the finisher rules below also apply to relay teams. 

Half marathon runners will hand off at the aid station after a single loop and then finish the race.

6 hour runners will hand off at the pit area at the start/finish.

Pit Area and Aid Station:


At the Start/Finish area at the stadium, there will be a drop/pit area for you to stash your stuff for the day. We ask that you do not bring any tents larger than 10x10!


There will be one food aid station and one hydration station at the start/finish, and another hydration station on the loop. Your crew and spectators will be able to access this aid station too.

This race is a cupless race.  This means we do not plan to have a ton of plastic cups for you waiting at the aid stations. Please plan to bring a bladder/pack, water bottle, or reusable cup to use for the day.




This is July and it will likely be hot. Having a personal water supply on the course is mandatory, and plan to drink and eat more than you usually do. 

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