Frosty Looper - 8 hour challenge


Frosty Looper 8 Hour is the shorter and cooler sibling to the Loopy Looper.

Frosty Looper is an 8-hour race around the 3.75-mile loop at Cooper River Park and is a great place to PR a certain distance, or take a shot at your first ultra. 

2020 Deferred Runners: You still need to register for 2021 to use your deferral! The deferral applies at checkout as it recognizes your email address. 

When:  Saturday, December 18, 2021 (Registration opening 2/1/21 at 10:00 AM)


Location: Cooper River Park - Jack Curtis Stadium: 1301 North Park Drive, Pennsauken, NJ 08109


Race Start: 7:30 AM


Race End: 3:30 PM




All runners will receive a Frosty Looper campfire mug, and a Frosty Looper beanie. We are not doing medals with this event. Loopy Looper earns you a medal, Frosty Looper gets you some useful winter items. 


Time Limit:


Runners will have the hours of 7:30 AM through 3:30 PM to run as many laps around Cooper River Park as you want, or can. No new laps will be allowed to start after 3:00 PM, and partial laps will not be counted. No laps finished after 3:29 PM will be counted. This requires some strategy. 



The race will be held on a 3.75 mile loop on a paved path around Cooper River Park. The course is mostly flat and you will run as many loops of it as you can/want in 8 hours. This is one of the fastest non-track looped courses in the country and a great chance to put in some serious mileage.

Registration Details:


We are opening registration as a waitlist only to start and will keep it that way for a while so we can stay ahead of any COVID related issues or changes with events. The waitlist is $0 to join, and you won't be charged until you confirm you want a spot when the time comes.


How does the waitlist work?

Runner A signs up on 9/2, pays $0, but gets on the list. Runner A then gets added from the waitlist on 11/2. Runner A pays $75 (plus fees)

Runner B signs up on 10/30, pays $0 upfront, but gets on the list. Runner B gets added from the waitlist on 11/2. Runner B pays $85 (plus fees)

Registration Fees:

$75 until 4/1/21

$85 until 7/1/21

$95 until 11/30/21

Registration closes 11/30/21 at 11:59 PM

Deferrals and Refunds:


No refunds. If we ever need to cancel or postpone an event, we will offer a deferral to the following year at no cost to the runner. 

Pit Area and Aid Station:

It would be great if you brought your own stuff for a variety of safety reasons. At the Start/Finish area at the stadium, there will be a drop/pit area for you to stash your stuff for the day. We ask that you do not bring any tents larger than 10x10!


There will be a food aid station and a hydration station at the start/finish, and this will be the only aid station. There will be nothing at the mid-point. Food like sandwiches will be made to order, and yes this will slow you down. Plan for that.

Otherwise, we plan on having a variety of snacks available, most likely in single-serve packaging. 

The official drink of Frosty Looper is Tailwind Nutrition! We will have Tailwind in the coolers ready to keep you running all day long. 

This race is a cupless race.  This means we do not plan to have a ton of plastic cups for you waiting at the aid stations. Please plan to bring a bladder/pack, water bottle, or reusable cup to use for the day.


December in NJ is weird. It could be 65 and sunny, it could be 25 and snowing. Be ready for either, or both, who knows.